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Jul 9, 2013 11:00pm EDT
was argumentative. he's pleaded not gazillion. >>> more tough questions for bob mcdonald. the "washington post" is reporting that his corporation and his wife accepted more than $100,000 from a prominent political donor. according to "the post", those donations were not disclosed. the donor is already a center of an fbi investigation for giving thousands of dollars to mcdonald's daughter for her wedding. earlier today, we learned the governor's son was arrested near the university of virginia for public intoxication. late today the governor cancelled two public events scheduled for tomorrow. it's not clear whether that might be related to the developments today. >>> tonight charles county police are looking for a pair of thieves cashing in on what they pull out of victim's mailboxes. erika gonzalez with a closer look at the suspects and reaction from one of the victims. >> reporter: deputies say these two women may be behind a rash of mailbox thefts. cameras inside banks caught the pair in the act. >> we feel violated, number one. we have had something taken from us. >> reporter: this is irene
Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of interest. meanwhile a lawyer for governor bob mcdonnell spoke about accusations aimed at the governor. northern virginia's bureau chief julie carey reports from richmond. >> how hopeful that the charges might be dismissed today? >> i'm not permitted to talk to you. >> reporter: that's defense attorney steven benjamin. todd schneider by his side headed to court to ask the court to drop the embezzlement charges. they have set off a scandal that led a grand jury to investigate bob mcdonnell and gift given to him and his family. schneider blew the whistle when he learned he was under investigation for taking food from the mansion. he said it was payment for services. his attorney said the whole case should be tossed out. he alleges the attorney general's office headed by ken cuccinelli sacrificed schneider trying to cover up other wrongdoing. cuccinelli's office was recused from the case in may but the special prosecutor told the judge he's done an independent review and finds sufficient evidence for charges against schneider >> i am prohibited from making any additional statements. >> re
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> thank you very much, ma'am. >> reporter: fair to say bob of fairfax county knows well the dangers of biking on the roads. his most recent wreck -- >> that was pretty scary. >> reporter: a collision with a truck. >> the truck was going down lee chapel road and clipped me and knocked me off. >> reporter: his experience part of a growing trend in fairfax county. police released the latest numbers. in 2012 there were 106 cyclists involved in crashes. that was up 25% from the year before. already this year there's been 45 bike wrecks. >> this is aluminum so metal will bend. so there what happens the whole thing. >> reporter: bike manager has a theory for the spike in crashes here in the county. >> there's an awareness if you're near paths, if you live in washington, d.c., if you're near the mount vernon trail and expecting cyclists. but cyclists out here outside of the city and people aren't looking right to turn right. people aren't anticipating there might be someone there when there usually isn't someone there. >> reporter: this bike the aftermath of one of those accidents. >> the s
Jul 8, 2013 7:00am EDT
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Jul 8, 2013 11:00pm EDT
against the former chef for virginia governor bob mcdonnell. that chef is named todd schneider. he and his lawyer told our julie carey that they're under a gag order and can't talk about the case. they have argued that the office of attorney general and gubernatorial candidate ken cuccinelli went after schneider to cover up other alleged wrongdoing in the mcdonnell administration. >>> a police chase through city streets ends with gunshots. why officers had weapons drawn in an l.a. neighborhood. >>> before you go to sleep tonight, you might want to take a minute that story coming up. >>> there's a police chase in southern california tonight that ended with gunshots fired into the patrol car. police were chasing two armed robbery suspects. a they cornered the car in the town of raceda. the suspects opened fire, put at least ten bullet holes in the windshield of the police cruiser. at least one of the officers suffered minor injuries. police have one of those suspects in custody. the other is still on the loose. >>> it's a sight we can all get used to -- the washington monument shining a ligh
Jul 8, 2013 4:00pm EDT
the charges has a conflict of interest in this case. schneider claims bob mcdonnell gave him the food as compensation. a ruling is expected this week. >>> four seconds before impact. that's apparently when alarms started ringing on the asiana airlines plane right before crashing in san francisco. we'll take you there live as reports surface that the crew was surprised by the crash. >>> live look outside right now as rain moves through parts of our area. a lot of blue skies there. chuck, are we out of the woods yet? >> most of metro washington are out of the woods for now. but there are rain showers on the radar. i'll take a tour of those . >>> federal safety investigators have found parts of saturday's crashed asiana airlines plane in san francisco bay. that's how violent the crash landing was. >> a lot of attention is focus don't plane's speed as it approached the runway. we're live in san francisco with the latest on the investigation today. jennifer? >> reporter: jim, pat, the ntsb hopes to speak with all four pilots who were on board that plane as they look in their investigation
Jul 8, 2013 6:00pm EDT
bob mcdonnell on hand along with former redskins quarterback joe theisman who loves the team going on the road. >> i think you can be around the same locker 12 months a year and i want gets steale, it gets old. when we came back to carlisle there was a freshness. i just think getting away and i said this i can't emphasize it enough it's what a team does way from the meeting rooms and away from the practice fields that builds the foundation that teamwork that reliance and fellowship that you get from being in this kind of an environment. >> redskins training camp from july 25th to august 26th. over on the hardwood the wizards started mini camp at the verizon center and signed porter and glen rice jr. their summer league game takes place this saturday. >> glen rice seems like he was playing last year. i know it's his son but man. >> thank you. we'll be right back. >>> quick check? clouds and some showers helped us today. i can't see us being as lucky tomorrow. we're expecting more showers and storms to move through. there's a 30% chance. again that heat, 90 for a high temperature tom
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7